Top 5 Reasons to Market your Platform across the Internet

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Marketing and the Internet-a fresh approach, based on:

One of the most profound impacts to marketing has in fact been the internet. Companies are now focusing on Inbound vs. Outbound techniques. This translates into driving traffic by use of original content on the site as opposed to implanting advertisements in external content. This more popular approach offers two other major benefits: branding and audience augmentation.

According to some “man-on-the-street” surveys, listed here are the top 5 reasons a business should market its platform across the internet:

1. Content Marketing – Bigger Than Ever

Creating new content through many channels is one of the biggest successes companies are having in increasing brand awareness and gaining the consumer’s trust.

Additionally, by providing germane information, insight and entertainment to their audience, companies are building rapport and developing a faithful following. The top marketing strategies generating the greatest responses include social media, videos, e-newsletters, articles on the business website and articles on other websites.

Building a following and reputation takes work. By using more of these channels, a business is better able to target-market the demographics and focus on creating more inbound traffic.

2. Social Media Marketing – More Diversity

It wasn’t that long ago that a business was rather limited to the Big 3 – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The number of social media sites is impressive and growing. Pinterest, Google+, Buzzfeed, Instagram and Tumblr are just a few of the newest sites to come on board and have surged in popularity. Companies now have surfeit of options allowing them to produce appealing content in a range of media platforms, building their following across a more channels.

It is quite common for business to make broader sweeps now and utilize multiple networks in order to reach the maximum number of consumers. This has been very effective in building brand recognition and increasing brand awareness.

3. Image-Centric Content – Must See!

Due to the ever-increasing volume of advertisements, content needs to be easily palatable. Emphasis on the social media sites are on images. Image-based content has higher potential of going viral, as is witnessed with Pinterest and Buzzfeed.

Images scattered through blog posts tend to receive the highest social shares, such as the successful Infographics has demonstrated. Traditional text is here to stay –but a picture will always be worth 1000 words.

4. Less is more
Keep it simple – simple is best – less is more. There has been a noteworthy trend in the obvious shift in consumer preferences. Simplistic marketing messages are now being favored over exhaustive messaging.

As Pinterest has modeled for us, a clean, uncluttered feel is its appeal. Innovate marketers are no longer trying to overwhelm their consumers with hype – they are toning it down, and witnessing a better return. Marketing strategies that are simple, promote the brand and services will simplify the consumer’s experience, and maybe their life.

5. Investment in Social – No longer a Luxury

The shift is on. Investing resources into a social media strategy is no longer a luxury – it is now a necessity. Businesses are seeking new ways to integrate their content strategies with social media strategies. They have come to realize the importance and impact social media has in terms of lead generation, referral traffic and the bottom line.

As more and more businesses experience these calculable benefits, more companies will hire social media strategists or create full-time social media managers.

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